You have to be confident being on telly as you get Tweets from girls saying, “oh god, you look ugly in real life compared to on screen” or “your hair looks like shit today”. You get used and then you get to a point there you’re like, ‘fuck it, this is who I am’. I worry more about the image we give off to other people, I don’t want people to feel like they have to aspire to look like us.

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anonymous asked: freddie/effy or cook/effy?

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I could never play just the girlfriend or the conquest or the two-dimensional female roles at all. I was raised by my mother alone. She’s one of the strongest women in the world. So for me, it’s very, very important to show it — and especially that young girls can be inspirational; they can be strong and they can do stuff with their lives.

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“Working with Billie was really, really good. It was scary taking on that role, having to have an emotion with a woman like that. The whole idea of love and relationships is my favourite thing to do on camera. So it was great to push it a step further and do it with a woman.”

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I like playing intense women because as women we are not simple. As much as the world wants us to be, we aren’t.

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A b s o l u t e l y n o t h i n g

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#47 kaya scodelario icons under the cut.

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kaya scodelario photographed by Greg Williams.

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